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UPEC Masters Student Association partners with CNA Peru on its first Initiative

Published on the March 2, 2016

Aqua’Dev, Co-Founded by students from the Masters DEIPM at UPEC formed a partnership with CNA Peru at the COP21 to implement their innovaFve Aquaponic system for sustainable agricultural development.

Aqua Dev CNA
Aqua Dev CNA

The Aqua’Dev team will work with CNA Peru on its first initiative for sustainable agricultural development in the rural Huanuco region of Peru. The team of students from the Masters DEIPM program discussed the initiative with a number of prospective international partners during the COP21 in Paris. At a conference hosted by CNA at the Coalition Climate 21 Summit, Aqua’Dev Co-Founder Alek Arora and CNA President Antolin Huascar met to discuss the environmental and food security issues facing Peru. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC ) Special Report on Emissions Scenarios, Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change impacts. CNA President Antolin Huascar said “We are here to work with the internayional community to create awareness of the widespread challenges facing rural indigenous and farming communities from climate change. It is our hope that with the discussions, rallies and agreements the global community will work together to turn ideas into a reality to tackle these challenges for the people whose livelihoods depend on the environment.”

The aim of Aqua’Dev (Aquaponics for Development) is to build a cross-development model using aquaponics to address challenges in food security, environmental protection and sustainable development in developing countries. The technology is an innovative organic food growing system which recirculates water from aquaculture into plant beds to grow fruits and vegetables. “Partnering with CNA will give us a unique opportunity to introduce aquaponic technology into communities that are looking for sustainable farming methods to help alleviate the effects of global warming while also addressing food security. Thanks to CNA and their team on the field we’ll be able to build the project with local farmers and with community outcomes in mind.” said Alek Arora Co-Founder of Aqua’Dev.

Following the COP21, Aquadevs first initiative has received tremendous feedback and they’ve used the momentum to secure funding through grants and partnerships. Most recently the AquaDev team competed against a number of innovayive projects for the
2015 BNP Paribas Professional Project Grant and were awarded the top prize for their project proposal for Peru. Aqua’Dev and CNA will debut their project in Huanuco on March 15th this year. To learn more about AquaDev or how you can become involved please visit the Aquaponics for Development Initiative website at

From Lea to Right: Lucile Quatreboeufs, Thuy Phuong Dang,
Yoan Garcia, Oceane Thaeder, Alek Arora