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Colombia: UPEC organized an mission trip to strengthen its partnerships

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Le April 25, 2017

The mission trip to Colombia organized by the International Relations Office, led by the Vice President and associate Vice President in charge of international relations helped strengthen UPECs partnerships in Bogota, Medellin and Barranquilla.

Professors from four different faculties (SESS-STAPS- Education, social sciences and physical activities, ESPE-Créteil-Créteil School of teaching and Education, AEI-Administration and international exchanges and Créteil-Vitry University Institute of Technology) took part in this trip. Many Colombians came to UPEC booth during the Student Recruitment Fair organized by Campus France in Colombia at the beginning of April.

Uninorte in Barranquilla, on the Caribbean coast, is a historical partner of UPEC. SESS-STAPS faculty has been implementing projects in social sciences with this partner for nearly 20 years. From 27 to 30 March 2017, our university was guest of honor at Uninorte’s international week called “Catedra Europa”, focusing this year on France.

Nine members of staff from UPEC participated in the Catedra Europa: the Vice president in charge of international relations, Éric Athenot, the associate Vice President in charge of international relations, Laurent Thévenet, the Director of International Relations, Maëlle Flot, the head of the International mobility division at the International Relations Office, Joana Belo but also Ivan Jimenez, ESPE, Gilles Lefebvre, CERTES/IUT, Armando Valdes, AEI (Administration and International Exchanges faculty), Marcel Pariat and Pascal Lafont, SESS-STAPS.

Around 200 scholars and members of International Relations Offices took part in this extraordinary event. An agreement was renewed for five years, a double degree between UPEC’s AEI faculty and Uninorte’s faculty of administration was negotiated and a new relationship with ESPE-Créteil and CERTES laboratory (Center for Studies and Research in Thermal, Environment and Systems) was forged. The International Relations Office presented UPEC and its courses to Uninorte’s students during a “Charla” (discussion) and a study fair.
A whole day was dedicated to internationalization strategies and we had the possibility to discuss with members of the International Relations Office of German, Portuguese, Brazilian and Colombian universities and started to think about interesting ideas to implement European or International projects.

During the mission-trip, the relationship between the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL - National University of Colombia) and UPEC’s Faculty of Economics and business management – its partner, was also strengthened. UNAL – the biggest government-run university in Colombia – is highly interested in forming a partnership with our science faculty and the Ecole d’urbanisme de Paris (Paris School of Urban Planning). UPEC’s International Relations Office members also visited the Universidad de Caldas (Caldas University), a partner of SESS-STAPS faculty.


Hoping to create new partnerships, we met other Colombian universities. UPEC’s International Relations Office staff members were warmly greeted by the Universidad de Antioquia (Antioquia University) – Medellin’s government-run university and the oldest university in Colombia, known for its high level in research. The Universidad de Antioquia would be interested in creating partnerships with several UPEC’s faculties such as the faculties of economics or science. The delegates really enjoyed the city of Medellin and its university. Due to its social mission, and the geographical area from which students come from - similar to UPEC’s- the Universidad de Antioquia seems to be an attractive partner for UPEC.

During a seminar in Bogotà organized by Campus France, we met other universities such as Cali’s government-run university, Del Valle, another university with which UPEC will be likely to establish a partnership. UPEC and ten other universities and twenty schools took part in the Student Recruitment Fair organized by Campus France. Around 3 000 students came to the Lycée français in Bogotà and many of them came to talk to UPEC staff members.

Please contact the Director of International Relations Maëlle Flot or the Head of the International mobility division, Joana Belo.

Date of update May 5, 2017

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