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Course offerings

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Summer School

UPEC and UPEM offer a new training experience each summer in Paris Region : live an international experience, study at the biggest university in the Paris region, obtain credits (ECTS), expand your social network and visit Paris.
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Organisation of studies

Organisation of studiesDegree programs at UPEC are organised into three levels : bachelor, master and doctorate, corresponding to recognized levels of the European system of higher education.
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Digital services

The university offers the student a considerable range of digital communications and learning tools (student webmail, online library, online classes, self teaching in administrative subjects...).
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A rich array of programs

CoursesDegrees in science and technology, medicine, administration and international exchange, law, economics and management, literature, languages, and humanities, social sciences and education, physical education and sports, urban studies.
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LibrariesThe central documentation service is made up of 7 integrated libraries. Books, periodicals and CD-ROMs can be consulted on the spot and/or loaned.
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Courses in English

Management, urban planning, biology and health, International biometrics... UPEC proposes several Degrees fully taught in English.
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Date of update December 18, 2015

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