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French as a foreign language: apply to the Delcife’s placement test

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Du May 1, 2017 au August 31, 2017

You are an international student and you would like to learn French at UPEC during the first 2017/2018 semester? Don’t forget to apply before 28 August 2017 to the placement tests !

You want to take a Delcife’s French as a foreign language class during the first semester 2017/2018 ?
First of all, from May 1 to August 28, 2017, you have to register to take a test and assess your level in French.
This test will help you know your level before final subscription to a French class and prepare the DUEF (Diplôme Universitaire d’Etudes Françaises – University Diploma in French Studies).
> Register to take the level test and assess your French proficiency

The DUEF is a diploma validating your level in French (writing and oral skills).
Each year, the Delcife (the Department of French language culture and institutions) gives the possibility to foreign students to take courses and take the exam to pass the DUEF (level A1 – beginners – to level C1 – mastery).
If you have a level B2 minimum, you are allowed – under certain conditions – to enroll in university studies in France. 


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