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Working in France

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Working to top up your funds when you are a student is very common. Working part-time in France will not allow you to cover all of your expenses, but it is a useful top-up. It's important !

working in France
All foreign students have the right to work while they are studying in France if they are registered with an establishment affiliating them to the student social security scheme (and where they have a residence permit if they are not a national of the E.U.)
This rights concern all students, including those arriving in France for the first time or enrolled in their first year. French law authorises students to work a maximum of 964 hours a year. This represents about twenty hours a week. In France, there is a minimum wage, SMIC (minimum growth wage), which is €8,86, gross (i.e. before compulsory social contributions are taken off - approximatively 20%) per hour of work carried out. It is no longer necessary to obtain an APT (temporary work permit) in order to have a part-time job when studying except for Algerian students, whose status is defined by the Franco-Algerian agreement, dated on 27 December 1968.

Helpful sources :

Student employees (FSDIE)
Looking for a part-time job that is compatible with your studies? There are some jobs available within the university itself.
> More

Other jobs
Looking for a lasting opportunity in business or in a particular area... Do not hesitate in consulting the notice board of the Student life and culture department.

Conditions apply :
- you must be a UPEC student,
- you must be currently enrolled at UPEC
For jobs in business, please bring a CV, a photo and a covering letter. The Jobs unit will put you in touch with the advertising business.

Date of update March 15, 2011

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