Mandatory Health directives

Despite the health crisis, which is weighing heavily on the organizational conditions of classes and campus life, UPEC has set up an organization capable of adapting to changing sanitary constraints.

Covid-19 - Mandatory Health Directives

To comply with the government’s measures, the university has developed its Activity Continuity Plan that allows students and staff to pursue their activities during this period.


UPEC makes use of all available resources to monitor the evolution of the epidemic within the university: isolation of positive cases, informing the staff and students involved. The University Health Service provides support to students who test positive and all those who feel a need for it.

We invite students and staff who have had high-risk contact, have symptoms and / or have tested positive to:
• report to:  
• register on UPEC platform:
• register on the monitoring platform at; this will allow us to be in contact with the monitoring team of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris.
Staff can also reach UPEC doctors and nurses at

General Sanitay Directives

picto masque Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone throughout the university both outside and inside (lecture halls, classrooms, hallways, offices, restrooms, etc.).
Students must bring their own masks. Special attention will be given to the most disadvantaged students. Masks will be issued to the staff by their manager.
> Check the poster "How to use your mask" (in French)

To protect yourself and others, it is necessary to apply preventive gestures and physical distancing measures within the university. The directives reminder here below is posted in the buildings on all university campuses :

gestes barrières covid 19

- Wash your hands often with soap and water, or if not possible, with a hydroalcoholic gel
- Wash your hands before and after handling your mask
- Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth
- Cough and sneeze into a disposable tissue (to be thrown away immediately) or into your elbow
- Respect physical distancing measures (2 m)
- Greet without shaking hands and avoid hugs
- Respect the marked traffic routes
- Avoid gatherings
- Throw your single-use mask and tissues in a trash can with a garbage bag
- Avoid lending equipment to each other / disinfect shared equipment when necessary
- Ventilate the premises