Wide range of curriculum

Published on October 12, 2010 Updated on June 4, 2019

UPEC offers wide range of curriculum. Degrees in science, technology and medicine round out a varied field of postsecondary offerings in administration and international exchange, law, economics and management, literature, languages, and humanities, social sciences and education, sports and urban planning studies.

Cours amphithéâtre
> Technological University Institutes (IUT)
> Bachelor's degree
> Master's degree
> Doctorate
> Medical studies
> Engineering training at the Higher Institute for Life Sciences
> Teacher Training Institution

The Technological University Institutes (IUT)

The IUT s award DUT s (university technology diplomas) and validate advanced technician training which is prepared in 2 years. They also offer the possibility of getting a professional bachelor’s degree.

The IUT of Créteil-Vitry is made up of 6 departments:
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Bioengineering
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] GEI (Electrical engineering and industrial computing)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Physical measurement
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] TC (marketing techniques)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Chemistry
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Networks and telecommunications

The IUT of Sénart-Fontainebleau is made up of 6 departments:
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] GEA (Administration and business management)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] GEI (Electrical engineering and industrial computing)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] GIM (Plant engineering and maintenance)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] TC (marketing techniques)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] GEA (Administration and business management)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] INFO (I.T.)

5 subject fields for the Bachelor’s degree (3 years - 180 ECTS)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Arts, Humanities, Languages (ALL)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Law, Economics, Management (DEG)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Social and Human Sciences (SHS)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Sporting and Physical Activity Techniques and Sciences (STAPS)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Science, Technology, Health (STS)

4 subject fields for the Master’s degree (2 years - 120 ECTS)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Arts, Humanities, Languages (ALL)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Law, Economics, Management (DEG)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Social and Human Sciences (SHS)
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Science, Technology, Health (STS)

The doctorate is prepared in 3 years, after a research Master’s programme. It gives official recognition to research work carried out as part of a university team or research body.

It is obtained by writing and defending a thesis. Students doing a thesis are under the responsibility of one of our doctoral schools and are supported and supervised in a laboratory or by an induction team. Doctoral training at the University Paris-Est Créteil is managed by the Paris-Est university Research and higher education Cluster.

Around shared values relating to the excellence of their research, links with the professional world, attention to vocational integration and contribution to the development of their area, the members of the Paris-Est University (UPE) have created a scientific project around two main themes:
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] “Town, environment and their engineering”
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] “Health and society”

These two units, allow UPE to have significant potential, widely recognised in France and in the world. The Department of Doctoral Training at Paris-Est University coordinates this entire sector and implements policy in terms of doctoral training at the university.

It also organises cross-disciplinary training which guarantees each doctoral candidate a good level in languages (French and English), a good general knowledge of the world of business and solid preparation for the employment market.

The six doctoral schools of Paris-Est University are in charge for the scientific training of doctoral candidates as well as supervising theses. They ensure that all doctoral candidates are well integrated into a laboratory where they will benefit from all the resources required to carry out their research. If you are planning to enrol in one of the doctoral schools at UPEC, please note that you will be a doctoral candidate of Paris-Est University.

Medical Studies
Medical studies last at least 9 years, after “A” levels and are divided into 3 stages:
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] PCEM (first stage of medical studies) which takes 2 years to complete
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] DCEM (second stage of medical studies) which takes 4 years to complete
[legende-image]65[/legende-image] Third stage of medical studies which takes 3 years to complete

Engineering training at the Higher Institute for Life Sciences
This training is accessible to students who have validated 4 semesters of higher education in life science or engineering by competitive exam (minimum of 120 ECTS ).

Teacher training institution (ESPE)
Professional teacher training in every subject,and professional training of all people working in the National Education from nursery school to secondary school are provided.