International students in exchange programmes

Published on January 28, 2011 Updated on May 2, 2012

Classes are offered to assist you to improve your French language proficiency

Etudiants internationaux
Conditions of admission
Tests to establish levels of French language proficiency are held at the beginning of every semester. Tests cover listening comprehension, written expression and a brief oral interview.
If you arrive after these tests you will be individually or collectively assessed by either the director of Delcife or by another teacher. If you are in this case, please let the Delcife know as soon as that you arrive at UPEC.
ECTS (european credit transfer and accumulation system) are only valid at the level determined by the Delcife after your enrolment.

A report of French language proficiency level is supplied to the student after completion of these tests. Please complete the form and submit to the secretariat at the time and date indicated (along with an identity photograph glued  or stapled to the form, a photocopy of your UPEC student card, or other certified statement giving proof of enrolment and a photocopy of your signed learning agreement.

These classes are provided free of charge but students can be expected to outlay funds for text books and other materials.
If you wish to study for one of the formal qualifications in French language and civilisation offered by Delcife, you can benefit from a reduced rate.
These courses of study require twenty hours of classes a week over a period of 13 weeks plus 1 week of exams.