Student elections

Published on September 13, 2010 Updated on January 13, 2021

Every UPEC student has voting right, including those enrolled in futher education, apprenticeships and international students.

Elected students are present in all instances and at all levels of the university to participate in the university life, be informed about problems and defend your rights.

The student vice-president represents students in meetings with university management.
S/he participates in 3 university councils (the CA - board of governors, CEVU – University Life and Studies Council and the CS – Scientific Council).

Students elected to the 3 councils: 5 students in the CA, 16 students in CEVU and 4 students in the CS.

The course representatives elected every year are your contacts for inquiring about day-to-day matters relating to your studies. 

Elections you can vote

- the renewal of representatives in the 3 university councils: Administrative Council, Scientific Council, Council of studies and student life
- the renewal of students representing you in faculty councils
- Election of sector delegates : each area sets the date for their elections, your sector delegates are an essential link between you and the teaching staff..
- Renewal of students to the Crous administrative council.

Election process

Students are elected on a proportional representation basis. This process is balloted, but nevertheless there is a risk that some lists of candidates are incomplete. Unfortunately is not possibly to display these.
For each available place, a representative and a deputy representative are elected..
Deputies may participate in council meetings, even if when the elected representative is present. However, only one vote per seat may be exercised. The representative votes, or in his or her absence the deputy may vote.

Important to know

Do not hesitate in voting. The stronger the participation in elections, the stronger your representative voice will be in UPEC councils.