UPEC's Organization

Published on December 12, 2017 Updated on March 10, 2022
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The President

UPEC’s President is elected by the Administrative Council, a representative body of research staff, students and administrative personnel. The President directs the university with the rest of the elected team (Vice-Presidents and Heads of Mission), the General Secretary and the Heads of administration.

Following approval of the Administration Council, the President can appoint outside personalities for counseling, with the exception of governmental staff. The President is tasked with supervising the university’s development strategy regarding research, education and governance. This includes negotiating resources for UPEC’s interests as well as making the establishment an inclusive place for students and personnel.

The President’s mandate can be renewed once.

The central councils

Within the University, two central councils are privileged open spaces for discussion about political choices and the main management decisions.
They include academic members, students, administrative staff and external members.
These spaces represent the place where the University’s democratic tradition is reflected; a tradition which combines numerous and closely argued debates and collective decision.
These councils are also the place where the managing board can present its policy.

The Administrative Council

The University’s Administrative Council includes 32 members and is the University’s policy-making body.

The Academic Council

The Academic Council is made up of the Commission for Research and the Commission for Education and University Life.

The Commission for Education and University Life

The Commission for Education and University Life is consulted on the educational policy, issues relating to the courses and student’s life and study conditions. Presently, it is composed of 40 members.

The Commission for Research

The Commission for Research is consulted on research political orientations and the research funding distribution. It is composed of 41 members.