International policy

UPEC carries out a dynamic international policy of developing partnerships and international projects that foster international openness. It constitutes an added value for students, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to evolve in an intercultural context. This global outlook is also an integral part of the development of our laboratories and research activities. Moreover, our internationalization strategy plays a significant role in the professional lives of our faculty and staff, be it through international mobility or the acquisition of cross-cultural skills directly on our campuses.

Aurora: the European University Alliance

As a member of the Aurora European University, UPEC is helping shape the future of higher education and research.


2021-2027                              Erasmus+ policy

Europe is at the heart of our international policy, with the university actively participating in the Erasmus+ program.


Our partnerships

UPEC pursues a dynamic policy of developing international partnerships in education, research, and institutional cooperation.


Bienvenue en France

Supporting the arrival of its international students is a priority for UPEC and marks its commitment to France's national attractiveness plan.