Our missions, our values

Published on July 20, 2020 Updated on October 22, 2020

Our vision

Open to the world and to a rapidly changing territory, UPEC is fully involved in society. UPEC is committed to building knowledge and actively responding to the challenges of social and environmental transformation by promoting greater social justice.

UPEC engages in:

  • promoting excellence through training, research and innovation
  • the development of strong interactions between the university and society
  • the creation of a network which brings diverse partners together at the local and international levels
  • the quality of the working conditions of its staff and the support for their initiatives

Our missions

As a major player in university innovation rooted in the eastern Greater Paris area, UPEC develops a synergistic approach to its training, research, professional integration and partner-connection missions. It promotes interdisciplinary approaches to meet the challenges of society in its environment.

UPEC’s priority missions are:

  • to guide its students, in all their diversity, on success paths, from their orientation to their professional integration
  • to be an innovation driver for society through cutting-edge research and the co-construction and sharing of knowledge and skills
  • to extend its influence and attractiveness by internationalizing its training and research

The values that define and inspire us

Commitment - Participation - Openness - Excellence