UPEC stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people

Published on March 7, 2022

Message from the President on the situation in Ukraine

Drapeau de l'Ukraine
Drapeau de l'Ukraine
Dear Colleagues,
Dear Students,

For several years, UPEC, a university that is open to the world and promotes its international training, has developed solid and lasting partnerships with Ukrainian universities.
The current events affect and worry the entire community. We strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and express our full solidarity with the Ukrainian academic and university community and more broadly with the populations affected by this armed conflict.

UPEC students on an international mobility program in these areas have been repatriated. We are providing assistance to Ukrainian and Russian students attending UPEC through our psychological support unit and our social assistance services.

We are following the evolution of the situation with attention and concern and are fully mobilized to support the international university and academic community.
As a university committed to serving the common good as well as promoting peace, democracy and solidarity values, UPEC will offer to host Ukrainian teaching and research colleagues forced into exile, within the framework of the PAUSE program (Programme national d’Accueil en Urgence des Scientifiques en Exil – French hosting program for scientists in exile), in order to allow them to continue their scientific work and activities.

Attached to a fair and humanist society, we sincerely hope that diplomacy will make it possible to find a peaceful solution to this conflict as soon as possible.

The President of UPEC