Published on September 13, 2010 Updated on January 13, 2021

Are you looking for somewhere to live ? There are several ways to seek help.

Crous University Residences

It is the cheapest solution, but also the most sought after. Rooms are reserved in priority to scholarship students.

Exchange program students : the Office of International Affairs has a limited number of spots reserved for the in the university residences of Créteil.
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Private Student Residences 

They offer the advantages of being well equipped and of providing a number of services. A 9 to 12 months minimum stay is often a requirement. 


Known in French as «colocation», this type of accommodation consists of sharing an apartment (or a house) with other people and thus split the rent and charges. Look for ads on specialized websites. 


People who offer rooms in their apartment or house are generally more flexible about the guarantees requested, but you will not be entitled to government housing assistance. In some cases, instead of paying rent, you will be asked to provide small jobs in exchange (childcare, cleaning, etc.). If you choose this solution, define the tasks and the expected number of hours clearly from the start as there are no regulations on the matter. 

Individual Apartment 

You can rent an apartment directly from its owner or through a real estate agency to which you will have to pay fees. You will need to provide guarantees, sign a lease and subscribe with an energy provider. There are three types of rentals: empty, equipped or furnished.

The accommodation unit of the Campus Life Office

If you still haven’t found accommodation upon your arrival, the accommodation unit of the Campus Life Office can help you. It can provide you with offers that match your student life.
In order to access this information you must be a UPEC student and have your student card.

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