Preventive health

Published on September 13, 2010 Updated on July 18, 2019

SUMPPS (the university preventive medicine and health promotion department) is accessible to students to provide advice and assist with concerns relating to disabilities, medical examinations, psychological assessments.

The doctors can issue medical certificates : for rearranging exam times, work, placements, sport.
You can also request a free consultation with a doctor, in particular concerning :
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] nutrition,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] tobacco,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] wellbeing,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] diet,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] alcohol,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] sport,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] contraception,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] drugs,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] dental health,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] sexuality,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] sleep issues,
[legende-image]1136824463820[/legende-image] stress

Nurses can assist you for immediate care issues and in cases of emergency (assitance includes treatment requiring medical prescriptions, vaccinations, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases).

You may also make dental appointments for check-ups and advice.

You may also make an appointment with our councilors if you have personal difficulties affecting your studies. You can make an appointment with a psychologist for one-to-one support.
For an additional charge, you can consult BAPU (the university psychological support office).  The cost for consultations are meet 100% (without advance payment) when you provide proof of Vitale card possession and your student card.