Published on October 12, 2010 Updated on October 7, 2014

More than 30 sporting activities are available as leisure and cross-disciplinary activities. The choice is yours...

équipe féminine de rugby - UPEC
Sport as part of cross-disciplinary activity
Students can have access to sporting activities as part of cross-disciplinary activities. These are available to all Bachelors students and are offered by different areas of the university.
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The sports and physical activity programme
There are more than 30 different kinds of sporting activites available to you as a leisure option. The choice is yours.
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Elite sport
Can elite sport and academic studies work together? This is possible thanks to an agreement signed between the Ministry of youth and sports and UPEC. You can find out more from the Sports department.
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The Sports Association
The UPEC Sports Association is affiliated to the French Federation of University Sport (FFSU) It aims at organising and promoting physical, sporting and artistic activities for the students and staff of the university.
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Hosting disabled students
The Sports department of UPEC includes disabled students in sporting activities through the provision of appropriate activities and equipment. For more information please contact the Sports department.