Organization of academic study

Published on December 14, 2010 Updated on January 13, 2021


The course chosen by students must be consistent with the agreed education goals. It will include: ​​​​​
compulsory teaching units (UE)
optional UEs and options chosen by students from a list determined by the university.
Each student may pursue pathways proposed by the university, or may equally pursue a more personalized course of study, after having sought approval for a Learning Agreement with the relevant academic team.

Please note that if a student undertakes a semester of study or an internship abroad (as required in the curriculum), "international course of study" will be mentioned in the formal documentation supplied with the relevant diploma.


The year is divided into two semesters. It allows for changes at the end of the first semester of the Bachelor’s degree, DUT, PCEM 1 (first year of medicine).
This structure also allows you to pursue one or more semesters in your course of study in another European university. Thanks to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), common to all European universities, you may now undertake your semesters in the location of your choice. A semester of study is equivalent to 30 ECTS.


European credits operate as a study ‘currency’ in European universities. Each successfully completed semester earns 30 credits. Each UE carries with it a certain number of credits depending on the amount of work required from the student and includes :
attendance at classes
participation in practical and directed exercises
required level of personal study
internships, theses 

With these credits, students can validate their UEs in all European higher education establishments.


Appropriate academic management is in place for each individual Bachelors and Master’s degree overseeing:
daily teaching requirements,
the supervision of students
appropriate tutoring arrangements
student support
academic panels

Academic teams include, among others, a person designated as your liaison and counselor. The person designated will work with you in determining your correct course of study, your orientation into the systems of UPEC, and assist you should any difficulties arise.
The academic teams work under the supervision of the Academic Director and are responsible for the delivery of Bachelor's and Master's degrees.