Linguistic validation

Published on January 28, 2011 Updated on December 12, 2017

General requirements

The followings are the general requirements for first admission in the first year of study in the tertiary system : except (BTS, DUT, preparatory classes).
One of the following is required :

The TCF-DAP- test  of proficiency in French is a preliminary requirement,  and has  replaced the university entrance test known as the ‘February’ test, or the ‘Embassies’ test
.  Since February 2004 the test is compiled and marked by The international Centre for pedagogic studies (CIEP). 
UPEC is an examination centre for the TCF-DAP. Potential students should contact the information service for international students, from the beginning of November, 
> More on the CIEP website

 The test requires an additional written essay further to the basic of the TCF. The minimum admission score required to enter a French university is ‘level 4’, equivalent to 541 points in the TCF-DAP and 12 points in the written test.

The TEF (test d'évaluation du français) evaluation test of French used by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP) uses the TCF-DAP as a benchmark without requiring further testing on condition that ‘level 5’ has been achieved and that the grade of 16/20 16/20 has been obtained in written expression. (Ministerial order of the 23 March 2004/ JO 75  of 28 March 2004). 

> More on the CCIP website

The DALF, Diplôme approfondi de langue française, (intensive French language diploma) is a qualification overseen by the CIEP. Although formal scores are not provided, it nonetheless represents French language proficiency at about a ‘level 5’

Exceptional circumstances
Universities may exercise discretion in the exercise of recruitment criteria under the following circumstances:
in first year preliminary testing criteria may be dispensed with for the holders of Bachelors’ degrees through Francophone channels, Bachelors’ degrees obtained in the European Union, children of diplomats posted in France and students enrolling for a second time in tertiary education.

study previously undertaken at UPEC is also taken into account.

tests undertaken by the ministry of National Education :
  TCF level 4 : (Test de Connaissance du Français), le DELF B2 (Diplôme d'études en langue française)  and the DALF (Diplôme appronfi en langue française).
 The nature of the material tested, the list of examination centres (both in france and worldwide)  and the sitting dates  are available on the CIEP website.

the DLF (Diplôme de langue française) of the Alliance Française (300 centres throughout the world).
 More information on the website: l'Alliance Française.

the TEF level 4 (Test d'évaluation en français)  set by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.  
More information may be found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.

DELCIFE qualifications
At UPEC, the department of civilization and French institutions teaching (Département d'enseignement de la langue, de la civilisation et des institutions françaises) – DELCIFE – offers three university level qualifications: CELF, CPLF, DEF. The two highest levels conform to standards set by the ADCUEFE (Association des directeurs de centres universitaires d'études françaises pour étrangers) which brings together around forty university centres teaching French as a foreign language.

CPLF (Certificat pratique de langue française), certifies that the student has reached  level B1 " independent user" (level 4),  as defined by the common benchmarks set  for language proficiency by the Council of Europe.

DEF (Diplôme d'études françaises), certifies that the student has reached  level B2 " independent user" (level 5),  as defined by the common benchmarks set  for language proficiency by the Council of Europe.

The CPLF and the DEF are taken into account by different assessment mechanisms of UPEC and may be considered for equivalent merit in a student’s application. This does not, however, automatically ensure that your candidature is successful. This also depends on the content and levels attained from any previous university qualifications, the standard of your application relative to the desired course of study, and also upon the number of available places.

Certain areas of study require that international students seeking equivalence must have obtained a minimum level of French language proficiency to allow the student to pursue their studies (level 4 in scientific studies for example). It is advised that students seek advice form the relevant faculty.

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