Available scholarships

Published on September 13, 2010 Updated on January 13, 2021

Scholarships exist on an annual and renewable basis along with rapid assistance for students in short-term difficulty.

Scholarships awarded on hardship criteria

Students facing financial hardship may be eligible for assistance by submitting an application demonstrating they meet various social criteria for financial support/ and or accommodation. Applications must be submitted between the 15th January and the 30th April annually. The address may be found by accessing the Crous website.:
> www.crous-creteil.fr

The Crous will then ask you to submit a hard copy application.
In some circumstances, late applications will be accepted, particularly in cases of unanticipated reductions in parental support.

Merit based scholarships - supplement

As from 2008/2009, a new system of merit based scholarships as been established,

Merit based scholarships may be awarded to :
- to student who received ‘mention” TB in their baccalauréat examinations in the year preceding their university entry.
This supplement may be renewed up to three times if the student proceeds well in their course of studies.
- for students studying at Masters 1 level, and having attained results that placed them in the top 20% of students in final Bachelor year the supplement will be automatically renewed in the Masters 2 year if students are progressing well. (This assistance may not be provided no more than twice).
This assistance is only available to students who meet certain social criteria. This assistance is not taxable. For more information contact Crous.

National Fund for Urgent Assistance

Urgent financial assistance can be provided in two situations :
- rapid assistance to students who find themselves in serious but short-term financial difficulty,
- annual financial assistance to the student faced with continuing financial difficulties.
Application for FNAU assistance may be obtained from the Service des Bourses with the Scolarité Générale.

Reimbursment of social security and enrolment fees

Students receiving scholarship support on the basis of social criteria who paid enrolment fees in full may seek reimbursement of these fees before the 30th april.


Financing grants are generally allocated by the government and relevant authorities in your home country.
For grants awarded by the french government, you can consult www.diplomatie.gouv.fr