Obtaining residence permit

Published on September 13, 2010 Updated on January 13, 2021

All students coming to France from a country outside the European Union undertaking a stay of more than three months must request a residence permit (unless other special conditions apply). This card will be validated by the Préfecture or sub-Préfecture your residence is located in.

Contacts with the Prefecture

The Campus Life Office can assist students in compiling their documentation for a residence permit application (please check hours and availability).

Essential requirements

- a photocopy of the student’s passport,

- a photocopy of the student’s visa (including the date of validity of the passport),

- a photocopy of the UPEC student card,

- copy of birth certificate, showing first and second names of the student’s parents (the birth certificate must also be translated into French),

- a statement of the student’s financial situation showing the minimum amount of financial assistance of 430 Euros per month for he first and second cycles, and 536 euros per month for the third cycle. This document may be provided by the International relations departement or if this is not the case, then an alternate statement from your bank certifying that the student has sufficient and regular funds to fund the student’s stay.

- Scholarship recipients of scholarships from foreign governments are considered by UPEC to therefore have sufficient means to cover their costs. Evidence of the formal documentation relating to such scholarships must be provided.

- 3 identity photographs (in format of 3 x 4 cm in black and white)

- a signed statement providing proof of residence, along with a copy of the national identity card or passport of your host if you are staying in someone else’s household.

- the EDF receipt for an electricity or gas bill.

- a stamped envelope (unaddressed)

The process will cost approximately 55 Euros.
The residence permit is free to all students for renewal,whatever their nationality may be.

Students who enter France with a long-term visa giving temporary permission to reside, of a duration greater than 3 months and less than or equal to 6 months, are note obliged to hold a residence permit.