International policy

Published on December 12, 2017 Updated on April 30, 2021

Partnerships, networks, international programs, doctoral programs... UPEC's active involvement in global activities reflects its growing profile in Europe and beyond. The university is host to visiting professors from abroad and enrolls a large number of international students all the while promoting international mobility for its own students, faculty and staff.

A coherent and structured international policy

UPEC’s commitment to international activities goes along with diversifying its academic offer, especially at the Bachelor and Master levels, as well as increasing the mobility of its students, faculty and staff and supporting research cooperation opportunities.

A strong network of international partnerships in Europe and beyond

Boasting over 470 international partners, UPEC endeavors to make knowledge and experience sharing easier by generating full-fledged academic programs and scientific cooperation on all continents.

Courses and trainings are well suited to the European market, as shown by UPEC’s active participation in the Erasmus+ program. The university also cultivates its historical ties with Latin America and is committed to strengthening its partnerships in North America, South-East Asia, French-speaking Africa and South Africa.

Along with the Erasmus+ program and multiple bilateral agreements, UPEC is a recognized and active member of several exchange programs and international networks such as:

Actively promoting languages and cultures

A highly internationalized university, UPEC also promotes internationalization at home through its Intercultural and language space.

The Department of French language and Civilisation (Delcife) is key in facilitating the integration of foreign student and staff.