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Funding your PhD

Published on December 19, 2023 Updated on February 1, 2024

Obtaining a doctoral grant is at times a prerequisite for enrolment in a PhD program. Even when it is not a condition for enrolment, it removes the financial worry and enables doctoral students to devote almost all their working time to their research. It is therefore recommended for anyone wishing to enroll in a PhD program, regardless of their field of study, to look for sources of funding. Once the type(s) of funding has been identified, students must inform their thesis supervisor before applying.

As there are many organizations and institutions that fund doctoral projects, the list below is only indicative and is not intended to be exhaustive. It includes both existing UPEC programs and external sources of funding.

UPEC's Internal Funding Schemes


The sources of funding below can be used to finance a doctoral contract that has the following specific features:

  • Specific duration: 3 years. The doctoral contract may not be signed for a shorter term, but may be extended by amendment in the event of exceptional circumstances.
  • Employer: Public higher education/research institution, industrial and commercial establishments, private companies.
  • Minimum salary: as of July 1, 2023: €2,074.78 gross.
  • Eligibility: All current or future holders of a master's degree. No age or nationality requirements.
  • When to apply: We recommend that you contact your doctoral school, research laboratory, or funding organization as early as January.
Ministerial Doctoral Grants

Applications are to be submitted to the doctoral school within the timeline set by the school. The application must include information on the research project and justification of its relevance to the laboratory's work, the approval of the prospective thesis supervisor(s), and diplomas or proof of successful completion of the master's degree. Applications will be examined in line with the doctoral school's internal procedures and practices.

See Our Doctoral Schools

Partial Grants for UPEC Doctoral Students

Each year, UPEC funds partial grants for doctoral students which may be co-financed by laboratories, university departments, and/or external sources. 
Applications must be sent to the Research and Development Department (Direction de la recherche et de la valorisation) at doctorat@u-pec.fr following the timeline and procedures set out in the campaign launch letter.

Read the launch letter for the 2023 campaign (French version)

Graduate Programs (GP)

Each year, UPEC finances doctoral grants in connection with graduate programs. Applications must be sent to the program coordinators and the doctoral schools following the timeline drawn up at the end of the academic year.

List of Graduate Programs:

GP EDI - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Karine Berges                     
Sylvie Ciabrini                                
Francine Nyambek-Mebenga
GP ELSE - Socioenvironmental School Sylvie Thoron              
Marie-Albane de Suremain
Aude Seurrat
Fabrice Hamelin
GP Digital Challenges Emilie Frenkiel 
Noé Wagener 
Pierre Valarcher

GP IA - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Health and the City

Yacine Amirat 
Stéphane Jaffard

GP ITET - International transitions and enterprise of tomorrow

Philippe Frouté 
Jean-Félix Duranstanti

GP MMER - Materials for the future and Management of Enterprise Risks

Daniel Grande 
Emmanuelle Dubocage
GP Patrimoine - Preserving Memory, Transmitting Knowledge, Inventing New Models    Anne Raffarin                  
Nathalie Gorochov
Graduate Schools

Graduate schools are designed to enable each university campus to enhance the impact and international appeal of its programs and research in one or more scientific fields. Graduate schools work with research bodies and offer master's and PhD programs, as well as host one or more high-level research laboratories.

See our Graduate Schools


Funding Sources Outside UPEC

CIFRE Employment Contract

Under the CIFRE scheme (industrial agreement for research-based training), a company hires a PhD student to work in a public laboratory on a specific research project. After signing an employment contract with the CIFRE recipient, generally for a fixed term, the company pays the doctoral student a salary.

Visit the website of the French National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT)

Disability PhD Contract

The national campaign for doctoral contracts for people with disabilities is launched every year on the French Ministry of Higher Education's website.

Applications should be sent to the doctoral school, which will forward them to UPEC for further processing.


Specific and/or One-Off Funding

A number of organizations fund doctoral scholarships:

Campus France Scholarship / Eiffel Scholarship

The Campus France Eiffel scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 18 months to students enrolled in the first year of a joint PhD program that partners with a foreign higher education institution.

Eiffel scholarship holders will receive a monthly allowance of around €1,700, plus direct payment for a number of services such as international transportation, national transportation, insurance, accommodation, cultural activities, etc.

For further information, as well as guidance for your research project, please contact the Campus France office in your home country, the cooperation and cultural action department of the French embassy, or the relevant UPEC services at prog-echanges@u-pec.fr.

The Eiffel Scholarship Program | Campus France

One-Off Mobility Funding from the International Relations Department

The International Relations Department provides financial assistance to doctoral students enrolled at UPEC who conduct research abroad. 

For more information on eligibility and how to apply, visit the website below or contact UPEC's International Relations Department at: dri@u-pec.fr / aidealamobilite@u-pec.fr.

International Mobility and Joint PhD Grants

International mobility grants for PhD programs provide financial support for doctoral students in conducting their research activities abroad (excluding seminars and conferences).

Financial assistance is also available for doctoral students enrolled in an international joint PhD program.

Candidates must contact their doctoral school to learn about the prerequisites and submit their application within the stated timeline.

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