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Before your arrival

Obtaining the residence permit

FormulaireAll students coming to France from a country outside the European Union undertaking a stay of more than three months duration must request a residence permit (unless other special conditions apply). This card will be validated by the prefecture or sub-prefecture in which your residence is located.
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logement Are you looking for somewhere to live ?
There are several ways to seek help.
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Working in France

EtudianteWorking to top up your funds when you are a student is very common. Working part-time in France will not allow you to cover all of your expenses, but it is a useful top-up. It's important !
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Digital services

Services numériquesThe university offers the student a considerable range of digital communications and learning tools.
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University restaurants

RestaurationUniversity restaurants are open to students enrolled at UPEC university.
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Cost of living

CalculatriceYou must prepare an accurate budget of your expenses in France. Be aware that Paris is one of the most expensives cities in Europe : the rent is particularly high.
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Scholarships / financial assistance

Aides financièresScholarships exist on an annual and renewable basis along with rapid assistance for students in short-term difficulty.
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Student health

santéFind more informations about the university preventive medicine and health promotion department and UPEC’s university health network (RESUS).
In France, individual welfare cover is compulsory for all students aged 18 years or over.
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TransportsUPEC university is accessible in public transport : métro, bus, RER...
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Etudiante à la bibliothèque universitaireThe central documentation service is made up of 7 integrated libraries.
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